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D. Carlson Building and Design

New Construction, Remodeling, and Historic Preservation

Client References

Client Name: Mr. Ron Zmyslo
Former Director of Preservation Services
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana
cell: 812-599-5002

Client Name: Mr. Ron Zmyslo
Construction Manager
Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites
cell: 812-599-5002

Client Name: Mr. Orin Oldaker
Satisfied Cust.:Roof-Insurance Claim
home: 317-546-3732
cell: 317-730-1876

Client Name: Bill & Judy Allen
Satisfied Cust.:Roof-Insurance Claim
cell: Judy:513-515-6554
cell: Bill:513-292-4034

Client Name: Mr. Dave Snyder
Satisfied Cust.:Roof-Insurance Claim
cell: 317-523-7034

Client Name: Mr. Michael McMahon
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Siding/Gutters-Insurance Claim
cell: 317-435-4373

Client Name: Mr. Russell Moore
Satisfied Cust.:Roof
cell: 317-281-7636

Client Name: Mr. Ron Weiner
Satisfied Cust.:Two Story Screened Porch Addition
cell: 317-509-4985

Client Name: Handi Skorich
Satisfied Cust.:Retaining Wall
cell: 317-650-6834

Client Name: Grace Starcke
Satisfied Cust.:Roof-Chimney
cell: 317-800-2920

Client Name: Margi Davis-Minton
Satisfied Cust.:Roof, Painting, Stuctural, Pad
home: 317-541-0063 After 6pm

Client Name: Peter Harris
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Gutters/Chimney Cap-Insurance Claim
cell: 317-339-7279

Client Name: George Morrell
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Gutters-Insurance Claim
home: 317-590-6189

Client Name: Jane Blacksmish
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Interior Repair-Insurance Claim
home: 317-258-8997

Client Name: Candice Herrick
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Siding-Insurance Claim
home: 317-702-0296

Client Name: Sam & Tracy Able
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Siding-Insurance Claim
home: 317-838-9034

Client Name: Rob Gorbett
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Gutters-Insurance Claim
cell: 317-432-4136

Client Name: Clifton Leblo
Satisfied Cust:Roof/Siding-Insurance Claim
cell: 765-808-1599

Client Name: Sherley McIntosh
Satisfied Cust.:Insurance Claim
home: 765-759-7992

Client Name: Terry Ingram
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Concrete Repair/Demolition
cell: 317-431-0550

Client Name: Jean Oswalt
Satisfied Cust.:Roof/Floor/Deck Repair
home: 317-371-4315

Client Name: Oliver Wells
Satisfied Cust.:Bath Remodel/Electrical/Plumbing
cell: 765-490-1311

Client Name: Dan Payne
Satisfied Cust.:Roof-Insurance Claim

Client Name: Terry Jones - Plews, Shadley, Racher & Braun
Satisfied Cust.:Structural/Painting/Commercial Gutters
email: tjones@psrb.com

Client Name:Tim Benz/Cumberland UMC
Satisfied Cust.:Structural/Painting

Client Name:Cumberland UMC/George Morrell
Satisfied Cust.:Painting/Commercial Gutters/Window Repair/Ins Claim

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